You’ve heard our story; we know that you care. Here’s your chance to give through the Big Book of Care.



Advocacy for the Canadian Childhood Oncology Research Network (Ac2orn)

Ac2orn is committed to advocating for Canadian researchers and clinicians as they implement the dream of curing pediatric cancer through translational research and effective treatments. Learn more.


Canadian Association of Pediatric Oncology (CAPOC)

Canadian Association of Pediatric Oncology Camps (CAPOC) provides camps for kids with cancer with resourceful community and invaluable networking opportunities. The goal at CAPOC is to share better cancer-camping practices and ensure every child affected by childhood cancer in Canada has the opportunity to participate in the safest camp possible. Donate now.

Childhood Cancer Canada

Childhood Cancer Canada

Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC) is one of Canada’s leading foundations dedicated entirely to the fight against childhood cancer. The goal at CCC is to improve the lives of children with cancer and their families through vital support programs and investment in collaborative cancer research. Through unique partnerships with all of Canada’s 17 childhood cancer hospitals and treatment centres, CCC ensures that children with cancer are exposed to kinder and gentler treatments that will not only cure them but leave them with an improved quality of life into adulthood. Donate now. 

C17 - Childrens Cancer Blood Disorders

C17 Council

C17 Council is an organization that links all the pediatric oncology, hematology and bone marrow transplant (BMT) programs across Canada. It is a non-profit organization supported by several large funders, including charitable foundations dedicated to improving the outcomes for children with cancer across Canada. Learn more.

Coast To Coast

Coast to Coast Against Cancer

As a national charity devoted to fighting childhood cancer, Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation ensures 100% of receipted donations are invested in improving the survival rate and quality of life of children impacted by cancer. From cycling rides to team-building activities, Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation raises much-needed funds for worthy childhood cancer charities across Canada whose programs support children with cancer and their families. Donate now.


The Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada

The Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada is a registered charitable organization whose main goals are to provide funding to Ewing sarcoma-specific research and raise public awareness of this cancer, particularly within the medical field. Donate now.


Neuroblastoma Canada

Neuroblastoma Canada is a national community-based organization dedicated to uniting Canadian families battling neuroblastoma.  Their vision is to unite every Canadian neuroblastoma family through open discussion, online resources, and supportive activities across Canada. Learn more.


Kids Cancer Care

Kids Cancer Care

Every year in Alberta, over 160 children are diagnosed with cancer and are thrust into stormy waters, where they will feel alone and frightened. Kids Cancer Care strives to ease the pain and suffering of these children and families every day, whether that means rekindling lost childhoods at Camp Kindle, restoring confidence and hope through educational support and post-secondary scholarships or permanently eliminating the disease through new research and better hospital treatments. At Kids Cancer Care, we believe in the resilience of the human spirit and the power of community. We believe it is possible to change the course of childhood cancer in our lifetime, but we need your help to chart the way. Donate now. 

Kids With Cancer

Kids with Cancer Society

The Kids with Cancer Society provides vital programs and services not offered elsewhere to children with cancer and their families who reside in Northern Alberta and the North West Territories. The Kids with Cancer Society operates out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Donate now. 



British Columbia Childhood Cancer Parents Association

The British Columbia Childhood Cancer Parents Association (BCCCPA) is a registered non-profit charitable society whose mission is to help families who have children with cancer and who are struggling financially. By providing them with aid through the Family Financial Aid Program, the BCCCPA ensures that the families of children with cancer can focus on the health and comfort of their child rather than their financial concerns. Donate now. 


BC Gold Ribbon Campaign

The BC Gold Ribbon Campaign is a group of oncology mothers that creates awareness of childhood cancer and supports the families of children with cancer. Their main annual event is based around the images of BC Children that have or are going through treatment. They also promote local organizations and foundations that support oncology families, medically, emotionally and financially. Learn more. 


Team Finn

Team Finn is a volunteer based organization dedicated to raising funds for cutting edge pediatric cancer research and to support families in need. Team Finn, named in celebration of the life of Finn Sullivan, works closely with pediatric cancer researchers, pediatric advocates and clinicians to help quicken the pace of cancer research. Donate now.



Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario

Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) champions childhood cancer care. When a child is battling cancer, POGO ensure that child, and family, have lifelong access to the best care for the best possible outcomes. They advance cancer care for all children with cancer through its pioneering database and research. POGO leads a unique and impactful pediatric cancer network that is a model for Canada and worldwide. Donate now. 


Camp Trillium

The Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre, provides recreational programs for children living with cancer and their families.  “Camp Trillium” is a place where children diagnosed with cancer from birth to age 18 have the opportunity to participate year round in one of 54 programs based in their communities, and at two residential camps in Picton and Waterford. Camp Trillium works with the five pediatric oncology centres in the province to provide on-going support and recreation to children undergoing treatment in the hospital and in their community. Donate now. 


The Childhood Cancer Research Association

Childcan is a community-based, registered charity that has been supporting children and their families since 1974. Childcan raises funds to provide responsive and compassionate support services to families facing the journey through childhood cancer – from diagnosis, treatment, recovery or bereavement. Donate now.


Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer

Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer (OPACC) is an independent registered charity whose overall goal is to be the parent voice for families with children diagnosed with cancer across the Province of Ontario. Last year alone, OPACC provided support for over 850 families affected by childhood cancer. Donate now.




For more than 35 years, Leucan has been supporting cancer-stricken children and their families from the day of diagnosis through every stage of the disease. The association provides specific and personalized services delivered by a qualified team with a cutting edge expertise. Leucan also funds clinical research and the Leucan Information Centre. With its many offices, Leucan is present throughout the province of Quebec. Donate Here



The Candlelighters Association of Newfoundland

The primary aim of The Candlelighters Association of Newfoundland and Labrador is to be a support group whose goal is to provide the families of children diagnosed with cancer with information, emotional support and unique understanding. In keeping with that aim, Candlelighters provides emotional, peer support for our families as the need is identified – at diagnosis, before surgery, during hospitalization, upon relapse, in times of crisis, as death approaches, during bereavement; as well as when a child finishes their program of treatment and continue to progress with a normal life. Donate now.