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Gabriel Benun

401 Days

Gabriel Benun has had a long and fierce fight with cancer. He was diagnosed at six months with an aggressive form of infantile leukemia with a 35 per cent survival prognosis. He underwent an aggressive and painful treatment including six months in-patient as well as ICU admission, only to relapse 99 days from end of […]


Reid’s Legacy: The Ewing Cancer Foundation of Canada

Never heard of Ewing sarcoma? Be grateful. It is a cancer of the bone and soft tissue, affecting mostly kids and young adults but can strike anyone, anywhere in the body, at any age. Researchers pinpointed a chromosomal translocation as the cause. Ewing sarcoma is not hereditary, cannot be prevented and there is no screening. […]


Creating a Happy Home for my Child with Cancer

In 2014, both my husband and I were working long hours at high pressure jobs. It seemed as though our daughter Selena was spending more time with her nanny and grandparents than with us, and she was having behavioural problems at daycare. We made the decision that Selena needed more “mom time,” so I took […]


Ayverie’s Amazing Attitude

  In January of 2013, my seven-year-old daughter Ayverie started to show signs of a typical flu— vomiting, headaches, fevers and dizziness. After weeks of back and forth between doctors, specialists and the hospital, a five-centimeter mass was discovered on Ayverie’s brain stem. This was medulloblastoma (brain cancer) and she had just turned eight. She […]