401 Days

Gabriel Benun has had a long and fierce fight with cancer. He was diagnosed at six months with an aggressive form of infantile leukemia with a 35 per cent survival prognosis. He underwent an aggressive and painful treatment including six months in-patient as well as ICU admission, only to relapse 99 days from end of treatment. As a result of his relapse, Gabriel’s prognosis for survival was lowered to 15%. He then had to be hospitalized for another eight months and endure more intensive chemotherapy followed by radiation before undergoing a bone mGabriel Benunarrow transplant at 2.5 years old. During those months Gabriel suffered a serious deterioration in his health and was also isolated for a lengthy period of time. Gabriel’s ordeal had life altering implications for his siblings Libby and Jonah (three and five years old respectively at the time of diagnosis). Both were split from their baby brother for a long period of time, as well as from their parents, who spent most of their time at the hospital caring for Gabriel. Eventually, it was Gabriel’s big brother Jonah’s bone marrow that was a match and saved his life. He spent 401 days of his life living in the hospital and is now one year post transplant – still managing many long-term side effects, but happy to be home.