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Wisdom in the Broken

Hi, I’m Jordana. I live in Central Alberta with my husband and daughter.  We do our best to live life fully after a devistating loss of our three year old daughter. In the past months, I have been writing about our journey with our daughter Sarah who lived with cancer and died in 2014. Visit […]

Emily’s story

Our five-year-old daughter Emily will take her last dose of chemotherapy on September 3, after more than two years of treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. As we celebrate this milestone for her during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we will be thinking of all the children who are still walking a hard road with this illness. […]

David and Goliath

Thank you for sharing in my story today. It is so important to support kids with cancer through organizations like Kids Cancer Care. I want to share with you my story so you can see how much your support can make a difference. I was three and a half when I was diagnosed with cancer, […]

Building a brighter future

“I worked by lamplight at night in our room at Ronald McDonald House, so Angelo could sleep, while I studied. It was tough, seeing him go through that, while also focusing on school, but we did it,” says Chelsie Shade. She may be only 19, but Chelsie Shade already exhibits a maturity and tenacity far […]

Understanding bone cancer metastases

Whether or not bone cancer spreads to the lungs could mean life or death for a child. And yet, we still don’t know why and how some bone cancers spread. But with your support, Dr. Michael Monument is exploring these vital questions. As an orthopaedic cancer surgeon and EXpAT researcher, specializing in the diagnosis and […]

Breaking Bread

After fasting for over 15 hours, little Liam woke up ravenous after surgery. Chowing down before Mom could even slice him a piece of banana bread he scarfed the loaf down nearly whole. The containers of nutritious home-cooked meals could not have arrived sooner for Liam and his family. Sarah Bachelder had just given birth […]

Remembering Larissa

“Having the freedom to celebrate your child in a safe community without worrying about upsetting other parents whose children are still fighting cancer is a gift. Bereaved parents are their worst nightmare, we’re the Bad News Bearers and our journeys are so different. Theirs is one of hope and ours is one of remembering. Having […]

Luca’s Light

As a toddler, Luca was already showing signs of exceptional intelligence. He started talking early and quickly acquired a massive vocabulary. Luca’s doctor was sure he was gifted, a prospect that totally floored his mother, “He’s only eight months old, how can you possibly know that?” While other kids were goofing around outdoors, two-year-old Luca […]