Ayverie’s Amazing Attitude


In January of 2013, my seven-year-old daughter Ayverie started to show signs of a typical flu— vomiting, headaches, fevers and dizziness. After weeks of back and forth between doctors, specialists and the hospital, a five-centimeter mass was discovered on Ayverie’s brain stem. This was medulloblastoma (brain cancer) and she had just turned eight. She was rushed by ambulance to McMaster Children’s Hospital, and straight to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, with brain surgery performed the following day. I came with Ayverie in the ambulance to McMaster Children’s Hospital with nothing except the work clothes I was wearing. Since then, she and I have celebrated birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Years’ admitted and isolated on the oncology ward. Over the next years, Ayverie would take on the biggest challenge of her young life—to beat cancer! She had to undergo radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgeries, cyber-knife radiation, rehabilitation, many tests, hospital visits and stays. Ayverie relapsed September 11, 2015 and is now in remission.November 20, 2016 will mark one year! Ayverie is now 11 years old and she’s beat cancer twice. Ayverie has always approached cancer with grace, humor and maybe a little yelling and screaming! We looked at cancer like this:


You lose your hair

But you can finally feel the breeze

No more thick and annoying curly hair


You lose your hair

Embrace the fashion opportunity!


Find matching scarves, head bands and hats for every outfit. Even sleep hats to match pajamas.


You lose your hair

Wig it! Get a wig of long straight dark hair. Hair you will never have, so wig the head

You lose your hair

Bald head fashion opportunities are endless

Glitter-tattoo your bald scalp!!


You get a feeding tube

Embrace another fashion opportunity

Another opportunity to accessorize!

Make little purses to tuck dangling feeding tubes into


You throw up! A LOT!!!

Enjoy what you eat

Eat what you want because it’s coming up anyways, so enjoy the taste going down