On June 17th, 2011, at only 12 years old, Darah was running the 100 m sprint Manitoba Provincial Track and Field Qualifiers when she crossed the finish line in a close second place. All of a sudden, from the sidelines, we could hear a “snap” and she tumbled to the concrete track. Judging by the placement of her leg on the track, Darah’s femur was clearly broken. Hundreds of spectators were in disbelief. It all happened so fast and something just didn’t seem right. Why would an otherwise perfectly healthy, competitive athlete, suddenly break her femur in mid-stride? Soon, emergency crews were on scene to stabilize her and rush her to the Winnipeg Children’s Hospital. This was the beginning of what would be the longest, toughest fight for Darah. An elite athlete she was – playing AAA Female Hockey for the Manitoba Maple Leafs, Club volleyball for the Selkirk Royals, soccer and track. Her passion of playing competitive sports came to an abrupt halt.

On September 9th, 2011, after nearly three months, Darah was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Ewings Sarcoma, which often first rears its ugly head with a pathological fracture, such as in her case. She had been playing in the AAA Stars and Stripes Hockey Tournament in Minneapolis only a few weeks before and showed no sign of pain or weakness. As a matter of fact, she received an award for Player of the Game.

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